15 August 2014


Blogging has turned into such a huge competition (in my eyes, anyways) and there's only a few things we can thank for that. One of the ones I'm most familiar with is blogging networks. Blogging networks are made to build up new bloggers, so they can have a community where they go to for advice, support and to just chat about the blogosphere.

In the past year, I've been apart of a few blogging networks and have been disappointed by all. Not only did I feel a huge weight of competition, but also of non-support. Some of the blogging networks I was involved with weighed heavily on the subscribers, readers, followers, and likes you have. If you had a good amount of those, you were able to enter contests, receive free samples and be invited to awesome events. If you fell short, well, you weren't allowed those "luxuries." Not only did this hurt self esteem, but it also caused self and blogger doubt. "Was I doing enough?", "How can I gain more followers?" was all I asked myself. I even tried to persuade people to comment on my blog, for a comment on theirs - or to follow me on Bloglovin' for a follow on their Bloglovin'. This all seemed so fake to me, when I realized that half of those followers I had were just for a trade off, not because someone genuinely liked my blog.

12 August 2014


Okay, I might sound crazy, but I'm taking the plunge and completely rebranding my blog. Over the past few months, I've been toying with my layout, my theme, my logo, etc. It's really starting to aggravate me, because everything I try I'm not in love with. Even my new blog layout isn't capturing my heart like it should. It's too bland and it isn't me. I'll convince myself for a week that I love the new layout, but then realize that it's too boring.  There will be a lot more things you can play with on the site too, a little more about me and a little more about what this blog is about (something that's also taking a shift). Now, rebranding is going to take me awhile so I'm not putting an end date to it yet. Step-by-step, I'll update you all with what I've accomplished. Recently, I finished the layout of the blog. Here is a layout breakdown of the fonts, colors and textures I used:

I'm absolutely in love with the new layout! I think it's spunky, but also clean cut. I love the random hints of color and the textures I used. I wanted my layout to be simple, but to also have some flair and I think I captured it correctly. Read the Rebranding Checklist below to see what's coming next...

REBRANDING CHECKLIST (if you think I should add any more, please comment below!):
+ A new and improved layout
+ A new logo that represents my blog and my brand
+ A new name?
+ A mission statement
+ New "About Me" page
+ Incorporate sponsorship page and guidelines
+ A take away button for my blog
+ Incorporate a few new series
+ Take away a few series
+ Redirect the blog's focus and explain that focus
+ Change business cards or make old ones work