Weekend Link Love | 10.19. 2014

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a prosperous week and weekend. I know I sure did. Quickly, I'd love to thank everyone for viewing the blog since the relaunch. Your support means the absolute world to me. With the relaunch on our minds, I'm introducing yet another series - "Weekend Link Love." Nothing fancy, but I'd love to start sharing what I've been reading this past weekend and do a little blog lovin'.

+ I just found Kory Woodward's site and I love it. I especially love this post on the 5 Branding Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making. So insightful, and now I realize that I've made a few pretty bad branding mistakes (hello #2, continuously redesigning something).

As I near the internship search, I'm finding more and more that rejection is real y'all. That's why I loved reading Maya Elious' post on How To Handle Rejection. I'm trying now to not take rejection personal, but look at the bigger picture on why they "rejected" me.

+ Drea's post on Beyonce's bangs had me laughing too much. Read it here.

+ For some Youtube love, Shirley hit the nail on the head with this Olivia Pope inspired lookbook she did. She certainly outdid herself and I want everything from her wardrobe, pronto. Shirley's Olivia Pope Inspired Style.

Also - be sure to check out the reads tab of the blog. I've added a few new people that I think everyone will enjoy.

So, that's it folks. Go forth into this week with a clear mind, clear heart and a clear direction to your goals. Let's make some progress!


Today I'm introducing you to The Beauty Bag, a informal look inside beauty junkies' beauty bags. Whether it be makeup or everyday toiletries, I want to see what's in your beauty bag! This isn't a staged photo-shoot or something that requires a fancy camera, it's literally just a peek into your #beauty bag. Call me nosey or curious, but I think it's super interesting knowing what others use on a day to day basis and what they call their holy grail. Each time it'll be a different girl or guy and someone you may or may not know. With the picture above, they'll be a few questions to go along so that readers can get to know you better and your favorite products. Today, I'm the makeup maven and I'll be sharing what's in my beauty bag and some of my favorites! Let's get started, shall we?

Who are you? What do you do? Rania Bolton, writer/owner of this blog and student studying Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies with a minor in Business. I love beauty products almost as much as I love clothes and I don't think wearing makeup makes you "more beautiful" but accentuates what you already have!

Where is your bag from? I spotted it in H&M and loved it from the moment I saw it. Sounds weird for just a plastic bag with red lips, right? But isn't it just perfect for packing away makeup in a bag? I think so!

So, what's in your bag? Lots of things. Though my favorites are the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation, Miss Manga mascara, Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Bad To the Bronze' and lately, a MAC eyeshadow in 'Mythical'.

What lip products do you have in your bag? Just two. My favorite as of late is the Boots Botanics Volumising Lip Gloss in Carnation. I don't think it adds volume to my lips by any means, but it's a nice color and formulation to go on top of Ulta's lipstick in Cappuccino.

If you had to pick two products to only keep in your bag, what would they be? Tough. I think I'd chose the Miss Manga mascara and the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Gold Deposit. The Skin Finish is so versatile, it can be worn on the lids and cheeks.

So that's it! Only four (or more - if I'm feeling fancy) questions about you and your bag. You can add more or less information if you'd like, but it's really up to you. If you'd like to be featured, please email me at raniajbolton@gmail.com and I'd love to see what you have packed in your beauty bag!