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Spring is in full-ish bloom here and I can't help but hibernate in black and white clothing. Shouldn't I be wearing more color you might ask? Sure, but there is something so simple and relaxing (like Spring days) of black and white. I love all of the black and white combos companies have been coming out with. That black and white H&M clutch looks reminiscent of the Chanel Boy Bag and I love it. I've been wanting a classic bag like that for ages to pair with casual and fancier outfits. I also really love these Madewell sandals (similar). Although the Birkenstock Arizona's are currently on my "sandal radar" these are super cute and streamlined --  something I'm looking for more and more when it comes to shoes. I love the chunky heel, ankle strap and the thicker double straps on the top half of the feet. Window-pane prints are something I've had a love/hate relationship with. I feel like some window-pane prints look really tacky and cheesy and some look tasteful and classic. This shirt from H&M is perfect to me. The window pane print isn't too obnoxious and I love how it's a cream base instead of stark black. The lines are just the right amount of thickness for my taste and the top is cropped enough to be worn with short skirts or shorts without having to tuck it in. Although it's long-sleeved, I think it'll be ideal for the chilly Spring weather we've been having in between the hotter days. 


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I'm back from a short hiatus! I hope you didn't miss me too much (hehe). Since it's almost the weekend, I thought I'd show you an outfit perfect for a casual day. During the weekends, I love being comfortable but a tad bit stylish. Comfort rules over everything during the weekends though and I won't wear anything that's constricting. I love laying around reading blogs, eating out, hanging with friends and possibly shopping during the weekends (oh and homework too...) so I always need something comfortable, yet put together to throw on. This outfit above was curated to show off a dream weekend outfit and some pieces that have been on my radar as of late. I just love that Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB! How cute is the print? Also, I've been wanting a good watch lately and this Marc Jacobs one fits the bill. By no means am I "DUMB" but those cheeky loafers from Stubbs & Wootton are hilarious and cute! I'm in no place to be able to purchase $400 loafers, but hopefully there is a dupe out there somewhere. A girl can dream!

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One thing about me that you probably wouldn't know is I love decorating. Whether it's for my room or a party, decorating has always been so much fun for me. As the year is dwindling down and we have only a few more weeks, I can't help but to think about my room for next year and how I want to decorate it. I've grown this year, so my decorating style/taste has changed. My room has always been an oasis for me, so I need something fun, inviting and cute to come home to. I put together three "roomspirations" for you guys to peruse. They're all my taste, but completely different in their own way. Let me know which set is your favorite and it could possibly be inspiration for my room next year. We'll see!

LIVE COLORFULLY. When thinking of this set, I totally thought of Kate Spade. But really, that's why I named it "live colorfully". I'm starting to love color again, after having a major obsession with everything black, white and/or grey. I just crave color, possibly because of the dreary weather we've been having. This room would be funky, fierce and a whole 'lotta color. I love the mix and match feel that this set has and that's exactly how I'd like for it to translate into my space for next year.

TONE IT DOWN. Just as much as I love color, I love pastels too. Sometimes too much color can get overwhelming, but if you add a bit of white and tone the colors down, it can translate to a beautiful pastel paradise. I'm leaning heavily towards this set because it incorporates color, but in a subtle way. That way I won't get too tired of it, but it still adds some pizzazz to an otherwise boring college dorm room. By the way, all of these pieces are either from H&M home or Target. I love H&M period, but their home collection blows the brand out of the park. They have some awesome things! I'm so obsessed with that skull pillow and those candles. Although I can't burn candles in my dorm room, they're something cute to look at. Right?

NEUTRALIZE. When I first started this post, I said that my room is my oasis. Well it is, but sometimes I love all white rooms. I think they really feel like an oasis. In dorm rooms I'm always a little hesitant about making it all white and neutral because let's face it - we're messy, guests are messy, dust collects and we're in tight quarters, there's no telling what is going to end up on what. I think incorporating neutral pieces into the other two sets will create an "oasis-like" feel. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go the full on white on white style yet (maybe in an apartment?) but the pieces in this set are pretty to look at altogether. I'm especially loving the striped and metallic pillows. In whatever room/set I chose, I have to incorporate stripes, they're my fav.

So, which set is your favorite? And what stores do you love to shop at for home good(ies)? I'd love to know! I'm always on the hunt for inexpensive home-wear. I love that fast fashion stores are now incorporating this into their merchandise now. Genius, I'd say!