16 September 2014


When decorating my room for the second time of my college career, I knew that I wanted color and lots of it. In my room at home, I hardly have any color with beige painted walls, and brown (ugly) muted sheets. I'm not usually a "color person" but I was craving color for this small portion of what was to be my room. Both my roommate and I went with the same colorful theme, but my side is warmer toned that hers with corals and light pinks. When coming up with this color palette, I first started with a pillow that actually matches nothing on my side of the room. You can slightly see the magenta sticking out from behind the butterfly pillow. It's so much more elegant than everything else on the bed and has a victorian style print. I knew I wanted coral for my room also, and I thought of colors that went with coral. In my opinion, that color is navy blue... So that's how I figured out what type of comforter to go with. I knew I wanted something blue because I had blue for my room last year (along with yellow and gray). Honestly, this is a lot of color for me, but I love how things are looking so far - 4 weeks in. I wouldn't personally use all of these colors in a future house of mine, but for a dorm room, something happy and cheerful to walk into every day is a must. 

Can you see I tried to mimic the colors in the picture above? (I tried!) I think these colors somehow go together nicely. The blue anchors everything down, while the magenta adds a pop of randomness and the coral and pink keep everything warm and subtle. I just love how my body pillow cover matches my blanket. Win, win on those finds at Target. Now, onto those 6 dorm room essentials that I think you need (in my opinion):

11 September 2014


A few weeks ago I was invited to attend Charlotte Fashion Week as a Public Relations/ Media Correspondent with Charlotte Seen - one of Charlotte's major social companies. Charlotte Seen connects the elite with events that happen around the city. They also produce Charlotte Fashion Week which is a week full of fashion from designers all over the Charlotte area. I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the madness, through my blog, Excuse Denied. I'm so honored and appreciative of the opportunity and want to tell you a little bit about my experience! 
During the show, my job was the tweet and capture any and everything through my phone, camera and laptop. This was fairly an easy job because I can take pictures and tweet about it basically all day - that's what I do anyway. I meandered around the event space (Audi dealership at Northlake Auto Mall) and took pictures of things I found interesting. You can view all of the pictures I took via my twitter. It was a ton of fun capturing everything happening at the event. I even took a lot of pictures of the behind-the-scenes process before the show. 
Everything leading up to the show was hectic. I arrived at 5pm and the fashion show didn't start until about 8pm. That left me with 3 hours to document everything. Once I arrived, I sorted out my location during the show, received a tour of the showroom and backstage action and even managed to end up with the woman who ran the entire show. Let's just say, behind-the-scenes events aren't that appealing. Models are running around, tension is high and everyone is working fast-paced. It was kind of a whirlwind, but I remained at peace taking my little pictures for twitter (you can view more pictures with the #charlotteseen and #cltfashionwk14 hashtags on twitter and instagram). Below are some of my favorite looks of the night (beware, all of the photos were taken with my crappy iPhone so they aren't that great. That's why I got fancy and went with black and white):