this year’s intentions


I’m always finding things on Twitter which make me think and alter the way I view things. Sure, Twitter can be a pit of misery and misinformed information, but there are some gems if you dig a little. I read something that said instead of new year resolutions, think of new year intentions. Hm, or maybe I saw that on Instagram? Regardless, it got me thinking. How do I want to feel? What do I want to intend on doing?

Instead of a checklist of goals to tick off, jot down the way you want to venture throughout the year and the things that will help you get there. Often times I fall short of the goals I set up at the beginning of the year. Exercise more? Meh, I stop that after a week. Eat cleaner? It happens every so often when I’m feeling like I need some greens. Get my finances in check? Yeah, I’m still Uber-ing everywhere. I tend to forget the list as soon as I write it down and feel defeated once the year is up and I’m a few pounds heavier and have spent hundreds on Ubers when I could’ve just taken the subway.

It’s time to grow up and get serious about the resolutions I set so, another way I’m thinking of them this year are through intentions and how I want to feel. This way of visualizing the new year is very big-picture-thinking which is challenging for someone like me who is list-oriented but I’m giving it a go…

Healthy and Physically Fit

After I stopped playing soccer in high school my health somewhat declined. I don’t think I’m the unhealthiest, but I know I have a long way to go to feel my healthiest. Eat more veggies. Take the necessary vitamins. Workout often. Strengthen my muscles–especially my knees. Walk up a flight of stairs confidently. Drop a few pounds to assist in getting rid of my acne-inversa.

Financially Literate and Stable

Oy, this is a big one. Living in New York and making way less than I should definitely makes this intention hard. But I no longer want to live paycheck to paycheck. I want to feel financially stable so I don’t have to transfer funds throughout the month or bite my nails until the next paycheck. With being financially stable one should be financially literate so I’d love to learn more about finances and money to habituate reviewing my spending monthly and where I should cut back.

Creatively Independent and Entrepreneurial

I’m sure my friends are saying “finally!” and I truly believe in my heart that it’s time. I feel like God is preparing me to do my own thing. I’ve interviewed for a few jobs since quitting my last one and it just hasn’t been right. I know that I’m smart, talented and capable of doing the work but I’m not being hired by these companies. But why? I’ve had to sit still and ask God why I’m not landing the job and I think it boils down to the fact that I should be working for myself. My ultimate goal is to make freelance checks monthly that cover half of my rent and bills.

So, those are my 2019 intentions! What are yours?

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